The Ultimate Agile Assessment Guide

Let’s say you just heard about Agile and you want to explore the topic with the aid of an external coach or trainer. Your decision-making process to hire an external consultant or coach is the best Agile assessment tool you can possibly use. Here’s the ugly truth! If your time to make a decision is:

  • Less than one week: you might not actually need any help. You seem pretty agile as you are. Keep going!
  • Between one week and one month: good thing you are thinking about getting some external help. You’re pretty agile but there's always room for improvements!
  • Between one month and three months: Not very agile; there’s going to be a lot of work. Not going to be easy! But you have to start somewhere! With some consistent efforts and sustained change, you can improve this!
  • More than three months: do you have any thoughts about going out of business? You should! But there’s always some hope! Sometimes unjustified, but hope nevertheless!

Replace “getting an external agile coach” with any name you give to your decisions and that will tell you more about where you really are.
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