Product Development

We’re proud of our experience when it comes to using Lean/Agile and Design Thinking to help our customers build better, smarter, and more valuable products.

From Lean/Agile we’ve taken the incremental and iterative approach. We focus on customer intimate collaboration plus honest and constant feedback. Not to mention the “think of your customer”-mindset while working on pretty much anything.

Design Thinking has taught us the importance of empathy and understanding the real problem. To look beyond the immediate and obvious effects and go deeper and try to define the abstract problem. And then generate many ideas as potential solutions. Quality from quantity, as we always say. It may be hard to understand by some but we’re really good at failing fast. Or prototyping as they say.

Need & Benefit Discovery

Identifying what value means for your customers, what benefits they associate with it and understanding how your product can respond to that particular need.

Design Thinking

Feeling what your customers are feeling, understanding the real problem correctly and taking small steps towards creating the right solution for the right problem.

Backlog Management

Working with your teams to build the most efficient product possible. The work includes slicing, incremental & iterative, MVP, constant feedback, fail fast, value-based prioritisation, etc.

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