Big Data

Our team of experts are using a set of advanced tools to transform your data into knowledge. Here's what this really means.

  • Data Collection
    • Collecting data from multiple points be it SQL or noSQL
    • Collecting structured and unstructured data
    • Sources: databases, applications, video, audio, scans, etc.

  • Data Integration & Warehousing
    • Using advanced tools to make data structures accessible
    • Making data understandable and available
    • Tools: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Hadoop

  • Reporting & Analytics
    • Making sense of the data through reports and analysis
    • Make sense of existing data
    • Tools: Microsoft, Oracle, RapidMiner, R, Qlik, Tableau

Collecting Data

We collect structured and unstructured data available in your organisation and outside of it that could potentially be a source of valuable information in further analysis.

Integrating Data

All the data previously collected, including dynamic data and data streams, is securely stored and integrated so later we can dig deeper. Data is cleansed and prepared for future work.

Processing Data

Data is processed and mined to generate valuable information and all data sources are combined for integrated visualisation. This is where trends and patterns are generated.

Analysing Data

Visually explore your data through a broad range of modern data visualisation tools and an easy-to-use reporting and analysis experience that will lead to valuable insights.

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