What is New in the Agile World?

The latest Agile & DevOps trends and insights. A look into the global state of enterprise Agile in 2020. Read the latest State of Agile Report.

Over 40,000 Agile executives, practitioners, and consultants have participated in the State of Agile survey since its inception. The 14th annual State of Agile survey provides insights into the application of Agile across different areas of the enterprise and about Value Stream Management. As you go through the results, you might find some familiar trends and discover some noteworthy changes from the previous year’s survey. Read on and dive deep inside the numbers to uncover some interesting correlations. Download report

Why Switzerland is Perfect for Agile

Switzerland is often regarded as a traditional country that lags behind other countries in adopting new trends and concepts, on both business and technological levels. This might explain why Switzerland has not fully embraced agility as a mindset and methodology within its companies. Surprisingly, its deep-rooted values constitute the perfect breeding ground for agility, more so than in any other country. In the following non-exhaustive list, we take a look at the key values and traits that define the country and how they can foster the adoption of agile. Read more

Career Opportunity

The Scrum Master role is at the heart of doing Scrum and sharing the true Agile mindset. A good Scrum Master can and should have a huge impact on the team and the overall organisation. Read more.

How’s Your Servant Leadership?

Honesty, truth, compassion and acceptance are some of the intrinsic core values shared by servant leaders everywhere. An unwavering commitment to these values is a core part of servant leadership philosophy. These values will serve as the light that dispels the inevitable darkness along the path towards your vision. Learn more about Servant Leadership by attending our course.

What The World Will Look Like In 10 Years

A famous quote says “Prediction is very difficult, especially when it concerns the future” and yet the human kind never resisted the temptation to fantasize about it. The funny thing about predicting the future is that we surprisingly…generally get it right! Some details might be hard to foresee but we tend to get the big picture quite accurately. Another famous quote says “50 years ago people thought in 50 years we’ll have flying cars”. Instead we now have Twitter and Facebook. We were right about the computing power. But we were wrong about how it would be used. Big picture, we got it! Read full article.