Mastering Lean

Mastering Lean Course

  • Learn what you must measure and how metrics can improve performance,
  • Bring people and processes together and empower people to provoke improvements by themselves,
  • Lean how to get an accurate understanding of the project by looking at the big picture,
  • Learn how you can not only survive a world of unexpected but influence it by driving the change,
  • Get a totally new understanding of speed! Discover how to implement discipline of people and processes,
  • Achieve greater quality of your deliverables and projects.


  • Project managers
  • Team members
  • Team leads and managers
  • Business people


  • What is Lean?
  • Lean is different
  • Identify value
  • Map value stream
  • Create flow
  • Establish push
  • Seek perfection
  • Eliminate waste
  • Empower the team
  • Deliver fast
  • Optimise the whole
  • Build quality in
  • Defer decisions
  • Amplify learning
  • Implementing Lean



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