Design Thinking

Design Thinking Course

  • A course aimed at introducing key concepts of design thinking
  • An experience of how things might work differently
  • A collection of actionable ideas for immediate application


  • Decision-makers, management & leadership positions
  • Contributors with a demanding job
  • People dealing with change and complexity
  • Everybody with a genuine interest in self development


  • 2-day classroom course facilitated by an instructor and split as follows:
  • One third potentially new concepts
  • One third discussions and debates
  • One third practice and exercises


  • Introductions… in new way! It’s all about perception!
  • Learning to re-think. Questions are more important than answers
  • Mindset management. Learning how to rewire our mental predisposition
  • Brainstorming or how you generate valuable ideas
  • Problem solving: the #1 skill in the near future!
  • Thinking in abstractions: your problems are not just yours
  • Divergent thinking: quantity is good! Quality comes next!
  • Empathy and how it can help
  • Emotional Intelligence: tools and techniques
  • Mind-mapping: generating connexions and ideas
  • Failing fast and prototyping
  • Framing techniques
  • Thinking and motivation
  • My Design Thinking Development Plan


  • Classroom course


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