We rely on good old common sense to get amazing results!


We deliver training classes and workshops aimed at transferring knowledge and experience about agile methods or practices.


Working with our customers to implement agile methodologies and improve their organisational agility.


We unfold knowledge and practices to improve your agility.

We are a team of agile practitioners with a strong experience on teaching agile and making it work. Why should you work with us?

- Learn from a trainer who is a real practitioner
- Benefit from a vast experience (4 years and 2000+ people trained)
- Get support after the course to implement the theory
- Global presence: we are where you are!

Still not convinced? Just get in contact with us and we’ll show you more!

  • Change Management

    Implement and maintain a continuous improvement mindset across the enterprise

  • Business Transformation

    Achieve your transformation objectives while minimising the effort

  • Organisational Agility

    Improve agile practice and the overall project management discipline

  • Agile Methodologies

    Become an expert in using methods like Lean, Kanban, Scrum, etc.

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Florian Ivan

Managing Director
Florian is an experienced project management professional with a strong focus on agile methodologies.

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